A great meal ranks right up there with a great book. Whether you prepare the meal yourself, or visit a fine dining establishment, the aromas, flavors, and quality ingredients add up to a sumptuous experience for the senses.

I love to cook, and have collected recipes from many of the finest chefs in the world. I also have created my own. You’ll find easy-to-make, hard-to-beat recipes in my Killer Recipes.

Fine dining establishments are constantly changing, with exciting new chefs joining the established experts each year. My Killer Restaurants lists, based on my own evaluation criteria, share fine dining options around the world. If you’re traveling and need fine dining recommendations, look here. Or, if you’re going somewhere I haven’t covered, contact me and I’ll be happy to offer a personalized list of fine dining options.

For a full list of Steven’s Top Dining Experiences, check out the Killer Resaurants page!

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