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It’s All in the Story – California short stories

It’s All in the Story – an anthology of short fiction – is coming soon. I am blessed to have two short stories included. “Full Service” and “Life Dies, and Then You Suck.”

Here is the back cover blurb, along with links to get your copy.

Did you know . . .

• William Randolph Hearst still lurks in San Simeon?
• San Francisco would have been a completely different
town if Russian immigrants had discovered gold rst?
• California’s diverse characters, climate, geography, lifestyles, and history can be as entertaining as they are exciting, sunny, scary, and dark?

It’s All in the Story is an anthology of twenty-four original short stories edited and curated by best-selling author D. P. Lyle. From San Juan Capistrano in 1812 to the Bay Area in the present day, these satisfying bites of contemporary and literary ction are packed with delicious characters and tales that will stay with you long after the last story is devoured.

The official book launch is November 2nd at Book Carnival in Orange, CA. (348 S. Tustin St) at 7pm. You can preorder your copy at: Amazon and You can find out more at:

SCWA Anthology