The reviews are in, and The Zeus Payload is a hit. Here is a sample of reader comments:

AVERAGE RATING: 4.8 out of 5 Stars!

“With this spine-chilling techno-thriller of political/CIA intrigue, Jackson is securing his place among the top- ranking suspense writers in his genre. Add the name Steven G. Jackson to the ranks of Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton.”

“A gritty, high-tech tale of technology and terror – Steven G. Jackson delivers the perfect geo-political blend of covert ops and conspiracies.”

“Roll over Tom Clancy, and tell Mr. Ludlum the news – The Zeus Payload is a rocket disguised as a novel, and it’s one hell of a ride.”

Every reader better catch a good breath because the action moves almost faster than the eyes can read. This is an action spy story that brings back action and spies to the pedestal they once stood upon.

“Jackson is brilliant, and as a former technology director in the defense business, he is expert with inside knowledge of the actual transactions of terror and weaponry, and he brings to each scene a continuous rising tension in the story that escalates on every page.”

“This is Jackson’s premiere novel in this field, and after I take a month-long vacation in the islands to recover from the exploits I accompanied King on, I am eagerly awaiting the next.”

“Fantastic book! Excellent plot line, character development, suspenseful, and a real page turner. There was never a slow spot and I was so intrigued that I continued reading and finished the book in one day.”

A Thriller in the Tradition of Robert Ludlum.

“Mr. Jackson runs Nick, Dean, and Tanya at breakneck speed through scenes in Southern California, the Middle East, and Mexico, constantly in peril. Many of the scenes relate to recent actual Middle East situations. The book is well-plotted, the main characters are well-defined, and the novel is easy to read and hard to put down.”

“This was a thoroughly intriguing story. I literally could not put the book down, reading it cover-to-cover in just one day. Although I am not a high tech person by nature, I could follow the high tech theme quite easily. Mr. Jackson has a smooth and polished style in developing the plot and characters with enough twists to keep me pleasantly off-balance. I sincerely do look forward to his next novel. Attn Amazon: Put me on the waiting list for his next publication.”

“I just finished reading this book, and thought it was complex, well-written and enjoyable. I enjoy reading Lee Child and David Baldacci, and found this to be even better. Although the plot involved a lot of high tech, I found it easy for me – a non-techie – to read and follow. I look forward to another book by this author.”

“This was a very intriguing story. Well written and enjoyable.”

Enjoyable action packed page turner. The characters were well developed. The pace was fast and left you wanting more. I see a sequel or two coming out of this one.