Lit Up! A Conversation with Orange County Readers and Writers is a monthly gathering hosted by Maddie Margarita at Kean Coffee in Tustin, CA. Sponsored by Pure Fiction League, a critique group for fiction writers, the coffeehouse is transformed into a bastion for intelligent discussion and sharing amongst readers and writers on a Tuesday evening each month. The venue is intimate, and the conversation meaningful as writers read a passage of theirs, and then  answer questions from the moderator and the attendees. There are three writers featured at each meeting, and the questions run the gamut from the basics on the craft of writing, to publication and marketing, to behind-the-scene details about their life and stories.

The authors who appear are gifted and giving. Dozens of NYT Bestsellers have appeared. But LitUp! also provides a forum for the new and advancing writer, a safe haven for those in the early stages of their writing careers to be seen and heard.

I’ve read each of my completed novels in the last two years, and I might be back with a third novel one of these days. As a writer, the questions and discussion made me think about my work in new ways, and I am a better writer because of that engagement.

If you like reading, LitUp! is for you. If you like writing, LitUp! is for you. If you like learning, LitUp! is for you. The coffee is great, the people are smart and engaging, and it’s free. Come give it a try.

January 25th, 2016

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