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The Lamia, a horror novel, is almost ready.

Here’s what some advance readers have to say:

Here’s a thriller that never stops.

Buckle up.  Drop anchor. Trim your nails. Get a flu shot. Twice. And make sure a nurse, security guard or a psychologist is in attendance while reading.

Psychological terror at it’s finest.

The Lamia is too thrilling to put down, and you’ll want to finish it in one shot. But it’s also so psychologically horrifying you may need an occasional break to brace yourself for what happens next.

If only someone had a new book about a world-wide pandemic caused by a bat. Oh, wait.

Jackson is a master craftsman of thrillers, with a clear understanding of story structure and character-first storytelling, and this is his finest work yet.

Be prepared for psychological terror as characters face decisions so horrific that your insides will scream as you ponder “what would I do in this impossible situation?”

Steven G. Jackson delivers another tightly woven plot that will keep you turning pages and wondering what’s going to happen next.