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Steven G. Jackson is a recovering engineering director who ignored everyone’s good advice and became a full-time writer. His background isn’t his only distinguishing attribute. Amongst his publications and productions you’ll find horror novels, mainstream thrillers, and comedies, utilizing all three halves of his brain. He is also a sought-after writing coach. And, if that wasn’t enough, he’s a fine dining aficionado and chef, and rates top restaurants around the globe. So, if you’re looking for unique thrills and chills, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Lamia

Evil is Preying.

With the highest possible stakes, amidst a horrific and suspenseful race against time, a reluctant psychiatrist fights a demon, a global pandemic risk, and his own troubled past in a fight for his daughter’s soul.

"The Lamia taps into the unspoken terror that only a daughter can strike in her father's heart."

—Maria Alexander, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author of Mr. Wicker and Snowed

"A year after reading... the horrifying images continue to haunt me."

—Sandra Homicz, California Writers Circle

"If only someone had a new book about a world-wide pandemic caused by a bat. Oh, wait."

—Lorenzo Porricelli, CEO & President, Gun Hill Road Productions Company

"Psychological terror at it's finest."

—Maddie Margarita, writer and host of “Lit Up! OC” and “Character Floss the Podcast”

The Sequel to The Lamia

The Night Hag

Evil is back. With a vengeance.

In the sequel to The Lamia, the demon Lilith is freed from her Vatican prison by a Cardinal determined to trigger the birth of the AntiChrist, and start the world on a path to Christ’s return. But partnering with a demon is fraught with deceit and danger, and Lilith has her own plans.

Steven G. Jackson


Steven G. Jackson is a versatile writer. In addition to writing thriller novels and horror novels, he creates comedies as one-act stage plays and short stories. Eleven of his plays have made it to the stage. Three of his short stories have been selected for publication, and several others have won writing contests.

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The Zeus Payload

Nick King is a computer programmer and the lead technologist at his grandfather’s company, Gordon Defense Technology. When he’s not developing sophisticated security software for private and government clients, Nick and his friend and roommate, Dean Wright, travel to the Middle East in search of the terrorist responsible for the 1983 Beirut embassy bombing that killed Nick’s parents.

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World’s Most Thrilling Restaurants – 2020 edition

World’s Most Thrilling Restaurants – 2020 edition

The world's most thrilling restaurants list is a more complex endeavor in 2020. Which restaurants have remained open, and which have closed? Which might close permanently? I've chosen not eliminate any thrilling restaurants during this unique time. By next year...

Maria Alexander – Word Slinger Extraordinaire

Now that we've entered that special season of horror (Halloween, elections...) I have some important advice for you. No, not to vote (although you should), and no, not to buy my upcoming horror novel, The Lamia, (though you might), but to binge-read Maria Alexander...

The Lamia, a horror novel, is almost ready.

Here's what some advance readers have to say: Here’s a thriller that never stops. Buckle up.  Drop anchor. Trim your nails. Get a flu shot. Twice. And make sure a nurse, security guard or a psychologist is in attendance while reading. Psychological terror at it’s...

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